Team Unruly began when three friends/professional dog trainers/dog sports enthusiasts found themselves in the same part of the country and decided to team up in order to better serve Central Virginia's vibrant dog community.  

We are united by our love of smart, creative training and our shared commitment to modern, scientifically-sound techniques. We focus on harnessing your dog's natural instincts, desire to learn and capacity for fun and we don't use training methods that rely on pain or fear.  We want to help you build a great relationship with your dog!

Working together allows us to offer a wide range of client services, from group classes in basic manners to advanced sports training. It also gives us increased flexibility to accommodate our clients' busy schedules; we can help you find a class or private lesson time that works for you! Check out our 'Current Offerings' page to see the complete range of our services; we're adding new things all the time! 

Meet The Team!

Kelsey Cowger is a recovering university professor turned full-time dog person. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP). Her experience as a teacher makes her a great coach for people as well as dogs, and she really enjoys training both ends of the leash! Kelsey has significant experience in sheltering and rescue (both as a professional and as a volunteer): prior to joining Team Unruly, she worked with dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT (the nation's largest no-kill animal sanctuary). She loves working with 'issue dogs' and dogs who had a less-than-perfect start in life. Kelsey and her motley crew of shelter mutts play several sports, including rally obedience, flyball, agility and Barn Hunt; they always love finding new sports to dabble in, and are currently enjoying Dog Parkour, Rally Free and K9 Nose Work®. 



Merissa Kreidler is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP) and a member of professional dog organizations across Virginia. She's the head honcho at Fuzzy Logic Dog Training, LLC in Louisa County. Merissa is very active in the dog community, competing with her dogs in conformation as well as obedience, rally, agility and more!   She has represented the AKC on numerous occasions at their My Dog Can Do That! events and is constantly looking for new sports and games to try with her dogs.  Merissa is also a serious horse enthusiast; she competes regularly in dressage and spends many hours exploring the local trails. For more about Riss and her work, check out




Katie Thomas has recently joined our team to help us expand our dog-waking and pet-sitting offerings. Katie has been training and competing in agility and rally obedience with her dogs Edgar Allen Poe and Beatrix Potter since 2006; she has recently been having fun exploring K9 Nose Work and Barn Hunt. Katie has worked extensively as a volunteer dog walker at local shelters and has experience with all different breeds, sizes and energy levels.  An avid hiker and runner, Katie loves working with spirited dogs and enjoys helping them burn off excess energy!