Learning With Friends

Group classes have a ton of benefits for you and your dog. Besides being a more economical alternative to private lessons, group classes expose your dog to new places, new people, and new dogs.  They also give you a chance to practice training your dog around the kinds of distractions they will likely encounter out in the world.  Our instructors work hard to balance your dog's individual needs with the needs of the class!

Some of our group classes are geared for complete beginners; some are geared for more experienced dog-handler teams. We can accommodate reactive and/or fearful dogs in many of our classes, though in some cases, we may recommend private lessons rather than group classes. If you have any questions about your dog's suitability for a class, just drop us a line!

Current Locations

Fox Hollow Kennels



Darden Towe Park (Charlottesville)


Monticello Trails (Charlottesville)



Claudius Crozet Park (Crozet)



(Beaverdam, VA: Merissa's Place!)


Current Schedule

We are offering classes in several different locations across Central Virginia! We're now enrolling for spring/summer Life Skills and CGC classes in Gordonsville, convenient to Palmyra, Zion Crossroads and Keswick: email us for more details!


Reactive Dog Group Walks

Prerequisite: Instructor approval. Must have taken private lessons with a TU instructor or a group class at TUDT&S.

These small-group walks are designed for dogs who are reactive or over-aroused around other dogs and/or new humans. We'll meet at a rotating series of public parks: each session will begin with 15-20 minutes of group warmup, to get your dog used to the environment, and then we'll walk together (leaving plenty of space) for 30-40 minutes. The goal is always to keep the dogs calm and under threshold while getting a chance to practice your skills: as an added bonus, you'll be out in nature getting some exercise with your buddy.  $15/dog-handler team, drop in (weekend afternoons, weather permitting).

Life Skills

Do you have a new dog in your life? Does your current dog need a little brush-up on his manners? This class might be perfect for you! In this class, we'll cover the basics--sit, down, stay, etc.--but we'll also work on other important life skills like relaxation and focus. We'll emphasize teaching you how to teach your dog new things so you'll be prepared for life outside of class!

*Note: This class will be taught using a clicker. You can either bring your own, or we'll sell you one for $3 the first night of class.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep

The Canine Good Citizen is a widely recognized program and test sponsored by the AKC; the goal of the program is to teach good manners to dogs and responsible ownership to their humans. The 10-step Canine Good Citizen test is a non-competitive test for all dogs, regardless of age, size or breed mix.  Interested in doing therapy work with your dog? The CGC award is a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups. Some homeowner’s insurance companies are encouraging CGC testing, and an increasing number of apartments and condos require that resident dogs pass the CGC test. It's a great set of skills for every dog to learn!

We'll spend the first five weeks of the CGC prep class working through the ten items on the test; during week six, your dog will be evaluated by a CGC evaluator and, if s/he passes, s/he will receive CGC certification!

*Prerequisite: Basic manners/life skills class or instructor approval. We strongly recommend bringing a clicker to this class!


Dog Parkour® (Charlottesville)

Looking for something new and fun to try with your active dog? How about Dog Parkour®? Dog Parkour® is a rapidly growing new sport that combines aspects of human parkour and dog agility: dogs learn to balance, climb, jump, crawl and interact creatively with objects in their environment.   Team Unruly’s six week Dog Parkour® class will help you and your dog learn the skills you need to safely perform parkour behaviors and sequence them together. Each week, we’ll begin class by working through a new skill set, and then we’ll head out into the world to find places where you can show off your new moves!  Every class will meet in a different park or public place around Charlottesville, so each week, your dog will be exposed to a variety of new sights, new smells and new objects.   We’ll take video recordings of you and your dog’s progress along the way, and by the end of the class, you’ll have enough recordings to apply for your dog’s new title with the International Dog Parkour® Association.  Get out of the rut of boring neighborhood walks: try Dog Parkour® today!

Prerequisites: Your dog doesn’t have to love other dogs—the dogs won’t meet during class—but they must be comfortable walking in a group and be able to be calm while other dogs are active. Dogs of all ages, breeds/breed mixes and sizes are welcome to participate; exercises will be modified for dogs under 18 months.

A basic obedience class (either with TU or another instructor) or instructor's approval is required: your dog will need to have (at minimum) a sit and a stay to play parkour.

Note: The International Dog Parkour® Association requires that your dog must wear a well-fitted back clip harness with straps at least 1 inch thick to participate in parkour.  No prongs, chokes or e-collars, and all leashes must be 4-6 ft. long (no retractable leashes). We also highly recommend bringing a clicker!


Tricks and Games

Do you have a dog who loves to learn? When you see dogs on TV and in the movies, do you think, "I'd love to teach my dog that!"? Our tricks class is your first step! In tricks class, we'll employ the principles of shaping, luring and capturing new behaviors to teach your dog a variety of functional and cute tricks (from jumping through hula hoops to turning lights on and off). Trick training is great for energetic dogs who aren't easily tired out by physical activity; it's also a great confidence booster for shyer dogs!  A basic obedience, manners or life skills class is a highly recommended prerequisite; if this is your dog's first class, contact us at hi@teamunrulytraining.com and we'll discuss whether or not it's the right fit for your dog.

*Note: This class will be taught using a clicker. You can either bring your own, or we'll sell you one for $3 the first night of class.


For Puppy Basics, Tricks and Conformation Handling with Merissa in Beaverdam, check out the current schedule at Fuzzy Logic Dog Training






Group classes are typically $175 for a six-week class unless otherwise specified. Most classes are 60 minutes; some are 90 minutes.  Some classes offer a 10% discount for dogs adopted from a shelter or rescue group within the last six months: just ask!

We occasionally offer drop-in classes which vary in price; in these cases, we'll note the price in the course description.