Training walks are a great solution to the busy pet parent who would love to get their dog extra training as well as exercise, all while they are at work! Perfect for young puppies that need a midday break as well as older dogs that would like a training refresher.

This service includes Team Unruly trainers coming to your home and taking your dog out for an hour long walk. During the outing, at least two basic behaviors will be worked on through positive reinforcement based training. Examples include: sit, down, loose leash walking, recall, or stay. An email updating you on your dog's progress and what to work on in between training walks are always included. 

Would you rather your dog have completely private, one on one Nose Work lessons along with a 30 minute walk while you're away? We can do that! This particular training combination is perfect for dogs who need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to remain happy, relaxed companions. It also makes a great accessory service to Nose Work classes/private lessons!





Cost: $50 for 60 minutes (includes travel to local trails/parks). The evaluation for training walks is free!

$270 for a package of six.


**Is your dog reactive to other dogs or people while on walks; lunging, growling, or barking while on leash? Email us for more information on working with these issues!**